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Aufblasbarer Wasserpark Aqualand

Among our inflatable water parks, discover Aqualand, a inflatable water park multi-activity structure for hours of outdoor play and swimming! Its size allows it to animate large areas of outdoor inflatables. Children from 3 years old will have fun sliding on its two inflatable water slides located on either side of the large pool! Perfect to liven up a play area in a campground or a leisure base!

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PVC-Plane 650g/m2 glänzend PVC-Plane mit Brandschutzklasse M2 Vierfache Nähte an den Spannungspunkten Entspricht EN14960 CE-konform Entspricht EN 25649
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Discover a magical water park!

Make the little ones and the big ones dream thanks to this gigantic water inflatables! Between water battles, sliding games and non-stop splashing: the Parc Aqualand promises great hours of refreshing games! Playful and original, this aquatic structure will please young and old alike! Worthy of a large amusement park, it attracts all the curious in search of coolness during the summer period! The Aqualand Inflatable Park has two water slide areas and two climbing areas. It complies with the EN 14960 standard. We like: its multiple illustrations that dress the structure of the water slides inspired by the underwater world. Maximum capacity: 25 people in continuous flow. 2 x 220V 16A sockets. From 3 years old. Dimensions: W 14.8 x D 15.9 x H 6.7 m. This structure has the possibility to incorporate an integrated filtration system on request.


A marine theme for all children

The seabed theme always appeals to children! Palm trees, illustrations of corals and other fish: everything is brought together to transport children into an imaginary world filled with aquatic animals! At the very end of the inflatable park, you can discover pretty, colourful illustrations. This water inflatable is perfect for creating a marine theme. Two inflatable palm trees adorn the side of a pool. The first waterslide is dressed with a pair of dolphins and the second has a large inflatable elephant.

A xxl, multi-activity inflatables

This waterpark is ideal for large spaces! With its two toboggans aquatic and large pools, it can accommodate up to 25 people in continuous flow. Children can slide, jump and speed down the wet slopes without ever getting in the way! It has two climbing zones to access the toboggans. Impactful and visible from afar, it will be perfect for enlivening an outdoor playground during the summer period.

More information on buying Aqualand inflatable water park

  • Large size water playground
  • Double Slides: Elephant and Dolphins
  • Quality & safety: EN14960 compliant
  • Dimensions: W 14,8 x D 15,9 x H 6,7 m
  • Max capacity : 25 persons
  • SAV France
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Delivery France and International