Luftspiel Gebraucht - 197-cover
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Luftspiel Gebraucht

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PVC-Plane 650g/m2 glänzend PVC-Plane mit Brandschutzklasse M2 Vierfache Nähte an den Spannungspunkten Entspricht EN14960 CE-konform Entspricht EN 25649
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Second hand inflatable game: good overall condition ★★★

Discover the Airball, a skill game dedicated to children and adults! It features 14 cones that blow air continuously. The rules of the game: two players compete on theAirball and will have to pass the balls from cone to cone without them touching the structure or the ground: giggles guaranteed! Be the first to succeed in this challenge and win the game! Accessible from 6 years old, this inflatable game is suitable for the whole family. It will bring a bit of competition and challenge. Airball is the perfect activity to liven up a school party or an end of year kermesse. Indoor or outdoor, this agility game is fun and can be set up anywhere! Dimensions: W 4.2 x D 1.1 x H 1.3 m. Maximum capacity: 2 players. 1 x 220V 16A socket. All our second hand inflatables have been rigorously quality controlled by our teams.


Why buy the second hand inflatable game AIRBALL?

  • Inflatable structure dedicated to professionals
  • Ideal for games dedicated to children, young and old
  • EN14960 compliant, premium finishes
  • French International shipping
  • Guarantee and after-sales service France