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Tretboot für Erwachsene

Are you looking for a refreshing water attraction that's easy to set up? Discover the Mississippi Big Boat, a family-friendly activity for peaceful summer boat rides. Ideal for hosting a family water playground with ease.

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PVC-Plane 650g/m2 glänzend PVC-Plane mit Brandschutzklasse M2 Vierfache Nähte an den Spannungspunkten Entspricht EN14960 CE-konform Entspricht EN 25649
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A pedal boat for two

Thanks to its large size (1.51 metres long), this pedal boat will accommodate a child as well as an accompanying parent for enjoyable tandem rides. The parent sits at the bottom of the boat and the child sits at the front. This children's pedal boat is a great attraction for those hot summer days when both parents and children are looking for simple, safe activities for shared fun. Set on an inflatable pool, the Mississippi boat is a popular family attraction that is ideal for creating a water playground dedicated to young children. This pedal boat (pedal arm) is very easy to use: move it forward with the strength of your arms thanks to the small cranks that operate the wheels. Dimensions: W 0,92 x D 1,51 x H 0,32 m. Capacity: 2 persons. Minimum age: 3 years. 1 x 220V 16A socket. Pool not included. Works with our 10x6m and 8x6m pools. Colours vary from one model to another. Also available in other sizes: Mississippi Child Boat, Mississippi Teen Boat. Maximum weight supported: 120kg.


A safe, premium quality attraction

Manufactured in compliance with current standards, the Mississippi pedal boat promises great tandem rides in complete safety. Reliable and durable, it has been designed from professional quality materials and has an anti-UV coating that allows outdoor rides without altering its colour. This pedal boat will animate your water playgrounds in a durable and regular way.

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  • A boat for 2 people: 1 accompanying parent and 1 child
  • Requirement: inflatable pool
  • Fast shipping France and International
  • 1 year warranty
  • SAV France