Sports Inflatables

Competitions, tournaments, challenges: take on your best opponents with our range of inflatable sports games. Whether you're passionate about combat sports, original team games or skills and precision games: discover a wide range of inflatables dedicated to sports. Looking for strength challenges that will test your muscles? Pick sports inflatables that will give your biceps a thorough workout. And for the intrepid: go for an inflatable water ball: walk on water, play football in a water ball, sprint down a slope at full speed: our giant inflatable balls will blow your mind! Combining sport and fun, our inflatable sports games will make you discover sport from a friendly angle where there will be plenty of laughter between friends.

Inflatable Pony Hops Racing Derby

  • 1-3 years 3-7 years 3-14 years 3-77 years 7-14 years 7-77 years 14-77 years
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Price €3,100.00

Mechanical Bull

  • 7-77 years
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Price €6,990.00

Inflatable Goal

  • 3-77 years
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Price €550.00