500 Yellow Ball Pit Balls

  • D 0.08 x H 0.08 x W 0.08 x

Kids love them: the ball pits! Colourful, playful and fun, these inflatables are always a hit with your toddlers. Simple and quick to set up, they have many advantages since the balls contained in the ball pit encourage the awakening of colours in toddlers and the development of motor skills in older children. Discover our selection of Pack of 500 Yellow Balls for a one-colour pool.

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Colorful ball pit pool balls for kids:

Our Lot of 500 Yellow Balls are child-friendly and CE compliant. Ultra-strong, these balls are sturdy and impact resistant. These balls are ideal for regular use. With a diameter of 8 cm, these balls are easy for children to catch. Toddlers can jump inside just like in a water pool. Simple to set up and store, the ball pool is an ideal game to create a play area for your child.

Our tips for use:

The inflatable ball pits come in different sizes, so the number of balls can vary. For a ball pit with an arch, you need 15 batches of 500 balls, or 7,500 balls. To fill a small ball pit (2 x 2m), this time you will need 3 batches of 500 balls, or 1,500 balls. For a Monochrome effect opt for the Lot of 500 Yellow Balls. If you want a Polychrome effect, go for the primary colours: blue, yellow, red + pink and green. Other colours are also available on our Poly Event website. Do not hesitate to contact us for any other special request.

More information about the 500 Yellow Ball Pack:

  • EC Standard
  • Extra strong
  • Easy to hold and quick to store
  • 8cm diameter
  • SAV France
  • French and International delivery

Depth 0.08
Width 0.08
Height 0.08
Weight and volume
Weight (kg) 5
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CE compliant
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CE compliant