500 Green Ball Pit Balls

  • D 0.08 x H 0.08 x W 0.08 x

The ball pits are ideal for setting up a playground for young and old to have fun diving, moving and burying themselves in tons of balls! You can find these pools, for example in shopping centres at events, in children's day care centres or nurseries. These ball pools are an opportunity to entertain children and awaken their senses with something other than their eternal toys, provided you have reliable, long-lasting balls of premium quality.

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Balls for a quality ball pit

These balls in light blue colour have many advantages, as they have a large diameter: 8 cm and are therefore easy to grip. They also comply with the CE standard and have been designed in an ultra-resistant plastic which allows them to be handled on a daily basis while being durable over time.1 batch includes 500 balls of the same colour. Colour: light blue. Many ball colours are available. Contact us for any special requests.

Ball pit: our tips for use

To get the most out of the ball pool, opt for a quantity of balls adapted to the capacity of your pool: Large ball pool (3.5 x 3.5 m pool type): count 15 bags of 500 balls, i.e. 7500 balls Small ball pit (2 x 2 m pool type): count 3 bags of 500 balls or 1500 balls Choose a nice assortment of colours according to the desired effect: Vintage classic: 3 primary colours (red, yellow, blue) Polychrome: 3 primary colours (red, yellow, blue) + green and pink Monochrome: for an impactful visual effect Pastel: white + transparent with light colours.

More information about the Lot of 500 Green Balls

  • Excellent quality
  • Ultra-resistant
  • Diameter: 8 cm
  • Compliant with CE standards - EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3
  • Easy to hold (quick storage!)
  • Fast shipping France International
  • SAV France
Depth 0.08
Width 0.08
Height 0.08
Weight and volume
Weight (kg) 5
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CE compliant
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After-sales service and warranty Europe
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CE compliant