Velcro Suit Adult

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M2 fire-rated PVC fabric Quadruple stitching on tension points EN14960 compliant 650gsm gloss PVC fabric
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Suit for Inflatable Scratch Wall or Inflatable Flycatcher Game. Size ADULT. Scratch hyper adherent. Height min. 1.60m. Put on your special suit and come and scratch on the Scratch Wall of our Inflatable Flycatcher. Take the most diverse and varied positions. Success guaranteed. Safety and Premium Quality. Vary salto's, headstands and all style tricks with this professional suit that will make you hold your position as long as possible.

Premium Quality Wetsuit Adult Size Scratch Wall

  • Suitable for the Scratch Wall or Inflatable Fly Trap
  • Adult Suit Model (min. 1.60m)
  • Delivery France and International
  • Professional and Responsive Customer Service
  • SAV France
  • 1 Year Warranty
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