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Castillo Hinchable Osito

1.500,00 €
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Tela PVC 650 g / m2 brillante Tela PVC con resistencia al fuego M2 Costuras cuádruples en los puntos de tensión De conformidad con EN 14960
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A bouncy structure for little bears


What could be more fun than bouncing on a teddy bear with a big, bouncy tummy? This original inflatable will appeal to children who see a way to have hours of fun with friends. As soon as they arrive, children will be eager to jump, pirouette and perform acrobatic manoeuvres on this adorable, giant teddy bear, which will remain stoic in the face of the toddlers' many stimuli. They'll have fun, frolic and cuddle with this cuddly bear that's as bouncy as Baloo from The Jungle Book! Hours of fun are guaranteed with this magnificent bouncy castle with trampoline base. Dimensions: W 3.2 x D 4.2 x H 1.8 m. Maximum capacity: 5 people. Minimum age: 1 year. 1 x 220V 16A socket.

A simple and practical format


This commercial inflatable takes up very little space and is ideal for quick and easy assembly and disassembly. It is a additional inflatable, just over 3m high and will delight you with its many benefits. This inflatable attraction has a carrying case and comes with a range of accessories to facilitate its installation: professional blower, carrying case, instructions, stakes, repair kit and certificate of conformity. It is also ideal for easily creating a fun and entertaining playground for children over the age of 1.

A small bouncy castle for toddlers

Thissmall bouncy castle is the perfect attraction for your children. Accessible from 1 year old, they will be able to have fun jumping and bouncing on its trampoline zone. This structure has been thought and designed for the youngest, with a colourful and cute design that children will love. This small bouncy castle is perfect for exercise and fun during long hours of play.

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  • A cuddly teddy bear to let off steam: guaranteed success!
  • PVC 650 G glossy canvas, M2 protection, quality finishes
  • Included accessories: professional blower, carrying case, instructions, pegs, repair kit and certificate of conformity
  • Conforms to EN14960 standard
  • Fast shipping France International
  • 1 year warranty
  • SAV France