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Castello Gonfiabile Circo

Hours of fun and amusement for young children and stars in their eyes: discover the amazing Circus Bouncy Castle, our inflatable game inspired by the world of the Circus. With its colourful decor and its many clowns inviting to the party, this small bouncy castle will attract the attention of children and will be a guaranteed success with the young public! This inflatable game is ideal for animating an inflatable playground dedicated to children.

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A fun little bouncy castle

The Circus bouncy castle is a fun and playful inflatable dedicated to children from 3 years old. In this small bouncy castle, young children will be able to develop their motor skills and senses while having fun with friends. They will evolve in a space adapted to their age, safe and original. Between somersaults, bounces and hide-and-seek games, children will have no time to get bored in this small bouncy castle with a circus theme.

All the magic of the circus in a bouncy castle


With its festive, playful and bubbly cartoon illustrations, the Circus bouncy castle is a bouncy game that is aimed at children from 3 years old. Toddlers and children will love the inflatable clown and his two big hands at the entrance to the castle, as well as his colourful world. They can have fun bouncing, jumping on its trampoline floor or making their way through its inflated vertical obstacles in complete safety. Showstopper: this bouncy castle has an inflatable slide to exit the structure in style. Dimensions: W 2.8 x D 3.8 x H 2.8 m. Maximum capacity: 8 people. Minimum age: 3 years. 1 socket 220V 16A.


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  • A must-have inflatable playground attraction for kids
  • Features 1 inflatable slide, 1 inflatable integrated character, 1 inflatable trampoline and 2 inflatable obstacles
  • Accessories included: Professional blower, carrying case, instruction manual, pegs, repair kit and certificate of conformity
  • Compliant with EN14960 standard
  • Fast shipping France and International
  • Professional and Reactive Customer Service
  • 1 year warranty
  • SAV France